Whether you are buying a business, selling a business or simply seeking a business valuation, Jamieson Corporate Services offers highly professional, personal and confidential advice and services.

Jamieson specialises in working on a small number of business sale, merger & acquisition transactions at any one time. Our process entails a mix of activities often employing elements of a mergers & acquisitions process tailored for each business, including industry analysis, marketing, research and strategically selected direct approaches.

For examples of industry sectors in which Jamieson has carried out specific projects refer here:

Hands-on business experience is our hallmark – as licensed business brokers since 1987 dealing with business sales, mergers and acquisitions, as past owners of trading businesses and as highly qualified senior managers of companies ranging from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to public corporations.

This expertise enables us to provide in-depth market analysis relevant to a business and its value, based on a sound understanding of what buyers and sellers are looking for and what they need to know to advance to purchase or sell.

In certain industry groups we know many of the participants from past transactions – for example, insurance brokers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, fashion clothing & other apparel (TCF industry), medical, occupational health, rehabilitation & injury management providers, registered training organisations, trade services and real estate services.

To find out more about our experience in specific business sale, merger & acquisition projects, please refer to our Track Record page, which lists a wide variety of businesses sold, price ranges and time taken to sell these businesses.

For details of business sales and acquisitions handled by our team in industries where Jamieson has specific expertise and experience click here.

If you wish to sell your business, have your business valued or are interested in a merger or acquisition, contact the Jamieson’s team of business brokers for advice here contact us.