Jamieson Corporate Services concentrates on sales (as well as mergers and acquisitions) for businesses valued between $500,000 and $30m in the following areas:

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Business sales are the main focus of Jamieson’s business broker activities. Our longstanding reputation for professional service and outstanding results draws a large proportion of our clients from referral by previous clients, professional advisors, banks and others.

Our business sales process can be narrowly targeted through personal approaches to a small number of related industry buyers. In certain industry groups we know many of the participants from past transactions – for example, insurance brokers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, fashion clothing, accessories & other apparel (TCF industry), medical, aged care & NDIS services providers, occupational health , rehabilitation & injury management providers, registered training organisations (RTO), trade services and real estate services.

Or it can be broadcast to capture responses from a wide range of prospective investors who wish to buy a business. It depends on the best approach to ensure a good result for our client. Depending on the type of sale transaction involved we may list business for sale investment opportunities on specialist sites as well as advertise via media. See our Marketing Process page.

As a first step, we listen to our prospective client’s objectives; review financial records; assess the strengths, risks and prospects of the business being considered for sale; and estimate the market value using accepted business valuation methods. For more information see Business Valuations and Assessments.

Only when we have agreement with the business owner on the likely market value and an achievable time frame for sale do we proceed to the next stage, which is to enter into a representation agreement as required by law. In addition to meeting our legal obligations, this agency agreement sets out the work we will do to sell a business and our fees as the authorised business broker, tailored for each business sale. We also provide a business sales inspection report to the owner as part of the agreement.

Business owners may need to obtain specialist advice before selling a business in the most favourably structured way. Examples are property valuations, plant and equipment valuations, business asset or share sale and capital gains tax advice. We advise on what may be needed and work closely with the owner’s accountants and solicitors where required.

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