We understand that as a prospective client, you need to feel comfortable that we have the skills and experience to sell your business or to advise on purchase of a business – one of the most important markers of our business broking ability is our track record.

Usually we are working on projects under the radar of a visible marketing campaign depending on each client’s requirements – for example, where we have an agreed strategy targeting highly specific sales, mergers and acquisitions.

Rather than list on-market large numbers of businesses for sale, at Jamieson we actively focus on a small number of mid-market sized business sale, merger and acquisition transactions.

This means that at any one time, we will be actively working on only a small number of quality businesses – and we achieve a completed result in almost every case.

The table below demonstrates our experience across a wide range of industry sectors in mid-market business sales, merger and acquisition transactions. It shows the size of the businesses by revenue range and achieved sale price range for completed transactions. Time can vary considerably due to different industry, market, social and economic conditions.

You will find additional information on specific examples of multiple sales in particular industries on our Business Sales Examples page.

Selection of business sales and acquisitions

Type of business Revenue range ($) Sale price range ($)
Distributor automotive parts 10m-15m 2m-5m
Distributor transport systems equipment 5m-10m 2m-5m
Distributor engineering products 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Distributor industrial products 5m-10m 2m-5m
Distributor materials handling equipment 5m-10m 0.5m-2m
Distributor industrial electronic products 0.5m-2m <0.5m
Distributor consumer products 5m-10m 0.5m-2m
Distributor health food brand, bulk import, pack 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Commercial catering 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Importer distributor leisure products 5m-10m 2m-5m
Importer distributor sports goods 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Wholesaler automotive parts 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Construction trade services contractor, distributor 15m-20m 2m-5m
Engineering contractor 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Manufacturer construction engineering 10m-15m 5m-10m
Manufacturer construction equipment & hire 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Manufacturer agricultural equipment 5m-10m 5m-10m
Manufacturer drainage products 10m-15m 2m-5m
Manufacturer metal enclosures 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Manufacturer stainless steel equipment 0.5m-2m <0.5m
Manufacturer portable lighting 0.5m-2m <0.5m
Healthcare equipment, consumables distributor 5m-10m 2m-5m
Homecare services 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Occupational rehabilitation 0.5m-2m <0.5m
Occupational rehabilitation 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Fashion accessories vertically integrated 5m-10m 5m-10m
Fashion design manufacture wholesale 5m-10m 0.5m-2m
Fashion design wholesale retail 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Apparel manufacturing importer 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Customs broker 0.5m-2m <0.5m
Customs broker / freight forwarder 5m-10m 10m-15m
Express freight 10m-15m 2m-5m
Specialised transport 5m-10m 5m-10m
International removals and storage 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Insurance broker 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Insurance broker 2m-5m 2m-5m
Insurance broker 0.5m-2m 2m-5m
Industrial / OH&S testing 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Industrial testing 2m-5m 2m-5m
Industrial testing 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Registered training organisation 2m-5m 5m-10m
Communications services 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
IT equipment & support services 2m-5m 2m-5m
Printer, specialised industrial labels 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Publisher 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Publisher 2m-5m 0.5m-2m
Strata manager 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m
Timber and hardware merchant 5m-10m 2m-5m
Car wash <0.5m 0.5m-2m
Car wash 0.5m-2m 0.5m-2m