Companies looking to grow by acquisition often consult and seek the assistance of Jamieson to search for businesses as potential merger and acquisition targets, in particular for businesses valued between $2m and $30m.

Examples of this occurring are when they need independent negotiation and valuation assistance, have been unable to locate suitable businesses listed on the market, or other similar reasons. Search criteria usually include:
  • Industry / commercial / service activity
  • Sector of this activity
  • Location, local / national
  • Number of employees
  • Turnover and profit performance
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Price Range
Jamieson’s broad knowledge and experience across a wide variety of manufacturing, distribution and service industries enables us to conduct an efficient business search of relevant industry sources, directories and data bases on behalf of a client. The aim is to identify and approach businesses that could have the right strategic fit and be suitable for our client to buy.

In certain industry groups we know many of the participants from past dealings – for example, we have extensive contacts amongst insurance brokers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, fashion clothing & other apparel (TCF industry), medical, occupational health, rehabilitation & injury management providers, registered training organisations, trade services and real estate services.

Following consultation with our client, the owners of the target businesses are approached. If they are receptive at this stage, we generally move to exchanging confidentiality agreements, after which we often need to disclose the identity of the potential purchaser in order to obtain detailed financial and operating data.

The Jamieson business acquisition process goes through similar steps to those involved for Business Sellers, namely:

  • analysis of various qualitative characteristics such as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the business and financial and other quantitative factors;
  • assessing the value of the target business, structuring an offer proposal and negotiation; and
  • assistance with the necessary documentation leading to the completion of a successful transaction to buy a business.

We prepare an assessment on each willing prospect, with particular reference to essential elements of the structural, operational, legal and financial factors, as well as likely market value of the business, and provide recommendations.

Business acquisition is a growth area, with owners seeking our expertise to identify and assess expansion opportunities and enhance organic growth through the purchase of existing businesses. The appointment of Jamieson as an expert business broker in such situations ensures maximum confidentiality for our clients in the initial and sensitive stages of any acquisition and allows them to continue to devote their time to day-to-day operations.

To tell us about what you might be looking for go to the Buyer Registration Form to request further information on buying a business. You can briefly tell us about your preferred investment requirements and any particular industries and types of businesses of interest, as well as providing details on how you would prefer us to contact you.

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