A well prepared business for a successful sale

If ever there’s reward proportional to effort it is the returns that often come from pre-sale preparation before starting the process of selling a business. [...]

Keep it quiet when selling a business!

Once an owner decides to sell a business it’s not always a good idea to tell the world immediately. [...]

Four important steps to a successful business sale

There are several important stages in the sale of a business that need to be investigated and understood, so it is important to seek pre-sale advice [...]

Preparation is the key to success and succession

Good preparation, comprehensive records, documented systems and procedures, experienced advice give maximum clarity and reduce risk for business sellers and buyers and contribute significantly to a good sale outcome […]

Customs and freight logistics businesses unite as demand grows strong

Customs brokers and freight forwarders have traditionally been two links in the import/export chain. Due to world events, the Australian Federal Government has been ramping up regulations on import management. At the same time, the increase in trade agreements has encouraged commerce, creating a greater demand for customs and freight services. [...]

Profit and cash flow can affect your retirement planning

It’s fairly easy to set a date for leaving your business, whether it’s based on family needs or simply on the number of years you’ve been holding down [...]

Engineering business changes hands for $5m as listed company makes new acquisition

CASE STUDY One of the biggest and longest established rural based engineering companies in New South Wales changed hands for $5 million through the auspices of our office. [...]

Insurance broker sales, mergers & acquisitions activity is high

Insurance Brokers are a current HOTSPOT for merger & acquisition activity - we are receiving frequent enquiries from serious buyers. If you are thinking of selling or wanting to investigate your succession and exit plan options [...]

When is it the best time to sell your business?

Being prepared with a sound exit strategy means you can enjoy your business ownership, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be able to leave when you’re ready, not because you have to. […]

When selling a business, the price must be right

A variety of calculation methods, progressive business planning and avoiding common mistakes are key considerations when selling your business. Business sellers want to achieve a good result for themselves in terms of sale price and terms. […]