Jamieson is a professional business valuation expert, specialising in:

  • Business sales pricing and decisions
  • Business acquisition pricing and decisions
  • Management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • Balance sheet reviews
  • Bank loans
  • Insurance
Predominantly, we are involved in providing market-based assessments and estimates of the expected selling price for business sales and purchase decisions (contact us).

Business valuation and assessments have been performed by Jamieson for a variety of businesses, predominately in industries and sectors underpinned by our executives’ experience and expertise as business brokers – in import,  distribution,  manufacturing  and  professional and other business to business services.

Our formal valuation services are usually restricted to specific industries where we have often acted as business brokers in actual sales, mergers and acquisitions, such as insurance brokers, customs brokers and freight forwarders, registered training organisations and certain trading and manufacturing businesses.

In undertaking such assessments, we are able to draw on our activities as business brokers to reference specific business sales of comparable businesses – an advantage over business valuations completed by many accounting firms who do not have broad based data across many different industries on business sales and purchases.

A Jamieson business valuation involves a comprehensive study of the business:

  • Financial results
  • Products and/or services
  • Market potential
  • Competition
  • Operations
  • Effect of changes in technology
  • Structure of the industry and
  • Management and staff

These matters go to the future potential of the business and cover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the business.

For over 30 years we have developed valuable intellectual property of our own in valuation methods relating to the gross profit of businesses, the fee income of service businesses and appropriate multipliers evidenced by actual business sales results.

This allows a dual approach to business valuation testing the reasonableness of assessed values and often provides additional confidence in traditional P/E based methods for the pricing of businesses. The applicable market-based multipliers are particularly relevant in many service industries.

Assess business sale working capital

If you wish to sell your business, have your business valued or are interested in a merger or acquisition, contact the Jamieson’s team of business brokers for advice here contact us.

Selection of business valuations completed

Industry Purpose of valuation Value
Accountancy practice merger $300k
Automotive engine products sale pricing $1.6m
Building products importer sale pricing $7m
Chemical control equipment partnership buyout $1m
Construction equipment distributor financing $2m
Craft materials distributor partnership buyout $2.2m
Customs broker & forwarder sale of shares $11m
Customs broker & forwarder management buy-out $1.2m
Educational products importer sale decision $350k
Engineering consultancy partnership buyout $600k
Equipment hire company divorce settlement $2m
Financial planner bank loan $2.1m
Food additives import management buy-in $6.5m
Freight forwarder divorce settlement $300k
Freight forwarder partnership buyout $2.1m
Frozen food distribution management buy-out $1.6m
Insurance broker sale of shares $4.1m
Insurance broker bank loan $2m
Insurance broker sale decision $1m
Insurance broker sale decision $6m
IT consultancy sale decision $1m
Lifts and elevators service sale decision  $2.5m
Lorry owner-drivers damages claim $1.5m
Magazine publisher internal asset transfer $550k
Magazine publisher possible sale $138k
Marina company and slipway service damages claim $2m
Medical electronics capital gains tax $1.1m
Menswear, retail capital gains tax $300k
Mining IT services proposed float $4.1m
Mobile phone store chain balance sheet goodwill $2.3m
Pharmaceutical packager family transfer $1.1m
Pharmacy, retail bank loan $500k
Printing company sale $3m
Pump equipment manufacturer, hire sale decision $2.5m
Recruitment agency sale decision $4.5m
Roller shutters, manufacturing sale pricing $1.9m
Ski shop, retail damages claim $300k
Sporting goods import, distribution partnership buyout $3.1m
Stationery supplies import, distribution sale decision $1.5m
Transformer manufacturer mortgagee sale $500k