The Jamieson team specialises in working on a small number of business sale, merger & acquisition transactions at any one time. Our process entails a mix of activities often employing elements of a mergers & acquisitions process tailored for each business, including industry analysis, marketing, research and strategically selected direct approaches.

Depending on the type of sale transaction involved we may list businesses for sale investment opportunities on specialist sites as well as advertise via media. If you are interested in exploring our current or future acquisition opportunities, your best first step is to contact us.

To find out more about our experience in business sale, merger & acquisition projects, please refer to our Track Record page, which lists a wide variety of businesses sold, price ranges and time taken to sell these businesses. You can see details on a selection of specific businesses sold by our team by clicking here which shows examples of industries and business sales and acquisitions where Jamieson has specific expertise and experience.

Please register your interest in businesses for sale by clicking this link to our Buyer Registration and briefly tell us about your preferred investment requirements, any particular industries and types of businesses of interest and how you would prefer us to contact you.