As selective business brokers, we work on a limited number of quality business sales assignments. Occasionally, this includes working in tandem with larger accounting firms or other advisors seeking business sales, or purchase, assistance for their clients.

A key part of our selling strategy is to focus on demonstrating how potential purchasers can maximise profit from their investment – a direct benefit of our technical expertise, experience as industrial managers and involvement as managers, directors and shareholders of medium-sized manufacturing and trading companies.

Our marketing process is tailored to each business sale. It can be either very tightly focused or more wide-ranging, including across various industry sectors and access to overseas business buyers. A similar approach is applied when undertaking merger and acquisition search projects for clients.

In the case of a business sale to Brambles we identified one of their divisions which had a near-perfect fit with our client and persisted with that one prospective buyer until the business sale was achieved.

In the case of a Singapore listed company who was the major shareholder and wanted to divest their investment in an Australian engineering company we identified through our strategic marketing an ASX listed group as the strongly interested ultimate buyer.

Where appropriate, we use some or all of the following business sales methods to build a market of buyers for each particular business:
  • selective approaches to identified targets, usually assembled from our own research into companies in the same or related industries;
  • identifying a range of potential purchasers by tapping into our network, which spans all sectors of the private equity industry;
  • networking amongst our colleagues in the investment/advice sections of the major accounting and investment banking firms;
  • marketing overseas through our global network of mergers and acquisitions advisers in over 90 countries;
  • approaching our database of prospective private investors, particularly viable prospects who have expressed interest in similar Jamieson client businesses in the recent past;
  • inclusion in selected commercial websites listing businesses for sale;
  • advertising in other relevant media, which can produce some serious prospects, (e.g. such as local or immigrant owner-operators who would not have been otherwise identified, or local industrial companies looking for diversification).
You can be assured when you engage Jamieson Corporate Services we aim to leave no stone unturned. You can expect to achieve a successful sale within an advised time frame. When the best party is found to buy a business we remain fully involved until agreement in principle is reached and a serious deposit is lodged by the buyer. We continue to be involved to assist in handling any business sales issues that arise during the due diligence process and contract of sale stages.

If you wish to sell your business, have your business valued or are interested in a merger or acquisition, contact the Jamieson’s team of business brokers for advice here contact us.