Jamieson’s Principals have always believed in the importance of teamwork and industry experts and associations. Locally we are members of the respected Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) .

Internationally we are members of an association of worldwide consultants, CBA Cross Border Associates, which expands our reach to overseas business buyers and keeps us abreast of developments in today’s global marketplace.

No two businesses are alike – whether selling or buying, there are unique goals and demands for each business opportunity, whether it ends up being a local or cross-border buy / sell transaction.

As Associated M&A Advisers with CBA, Jamieson has direct access to more than 200 CBA Associates in over 140 cities across at least 95 countries covering five continents – an excellent platform for any kind of global transaction, whether for cross-border mergers and acquisitions or other activities requiring international business consulting expertise.

Through CBA, we are able to draw on the expertise of a global team of highly qualified and experienced corporate advisers and consultants with proven track records in negotiating international business transactions – not only a strong network of M&A advisers, but also legal and tax experts, and consulting professionals with a wide range of specialities and different backgrounds.

When it comes to cross-border transactions, in today’s digital age, businesses can achieve awareness and distribution far more easily than in the past and strategic investors can identify them earlier. Structured data, intelligent matching and proprietary data sets spanning the globe enable buyers and investors to identify potential business opportunities and connect quickly.

CBA offers us access to CRM systems and databases that:

  • connect us to more than 30,000 buyers, enabling us to connect business opportunities to international investors; and
  • provide access to data on international business transactions and M&A deals closed worldwide, which helps Jamieson ensure reliability of business valuations and assessments in an international context, and a smooth and safe cross border transaction.
For business sellers Jamieson’s strategically tailored marketing plans for each client can focus exclusively on cross border opportunities. If your business is more likely to sell on the local market, but has potential for selling to overseas-based buyers seeking opportunities for expansion in the Australian market, we have the necessary access to investors from around the world.

For business buyers Jamieson is able to look for overseas business opportunities through collaboration with our fellow Associates at CBA. Through CBA’s Global Network we’re more likely to find a diversity of opportunities for buyers with global expansion in mind.

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