There are many factors that affect the market value or price of a particular business. Here are the main factors that have the biggest influence on selling price of any business.

1 Type of business

  • A manufacturing company with a proprietary product will sell for more than a job-shop based business.
  • A distributor that adds value by offering installation, repair, and/or engineering / design input will sell for more than a non-value-added distributor.
  • A service company with a special expertise and/or on-going contract maintenance will sell for more than a similar service business without these characteristics.

2 Industry outlook

If the outlook for your industry is bright, the price of your business will go up.

3 Stage of industry consolidation

If a company’s industry is experiencing consolidation with medium to big companies getting bigger through acquisition, then prices for smaller companies will rise.

4 Market position

A company that dominates or has a unique niche in the market will sell for a premium over other companies not dominating their markets.

5 Depth of management & sales team

If the business owner wears all of the hats, the price goes down.

6 Customer base

If a company has limited customer concentration with no single customer representing more than, say, 5% of revenue the price goes up.

7 Revenue size

The larger a company’s revenue, generally the higher the selling price. A business with $25 million of annual sales will sell for more than a company with $5 million in sales.

8 Financial track record

If a company can show a track record of consistently growing sales and profits, buyers will pay more. A company with multiple revenue sources and/or multiple sales channels will sell for more than a similar business without these characteristics.

9 A good story to tell

Being able to tell a good (and truthful) company story is critical in helping the buyer recognise the full value of a business. An experienced broker will compile a good story that best showcases your business to potential buyers.

10 Having multiple buyers – this is clearly one of the most important factors

Multiple buyers vying for a business increases the price to be paid for a business sold without competitive tension and bids. All too often owners are approached, negotiate and sell and do not really know where the market value of their business lies.

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