Insurance Brokers are always a HOTSPOT for high sales, merger & acquisition activity – we often receive enquiries from serious buyers.  If you are thinking of selling or wanting to investigate your succession and exit plan options please contact us to discuss your objectives and alternatives.

Insurance broker sales alternatives include:

  • sale to generally larger broking group
  • sale to current senior managers
  • sale to external insurance executives
  • merger with another broker

Before considering these alternatives it is important to consider your personal, business and financial objectives.

This usually means not only for you and your family, but also business partners, staff, clients and seeking advice on market value, deal structures, likely terms & conditions, tax and legal matters.

Our experience shows it is important to consider who or what type of party is likely to be the best fit for you and your insurance brokerage going forward and the time frames involved. It is not a good idea dealing with just one party of one party at a time if you want to evaluate the best outcome to achieve your exit plan.